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Thursday, 7 December 2017

Another dimension?

As if I wasn't already embarked upon a journey into the unknown with my night feeding pike adventure; by adding the effects of a tidal river into the mix, my mind is in turmoil! That first River Stour pike has made such an impression, I can't stop thinking about the possibility of a serious fish being encountered, if I persist. Can I abandon one project, without getting close to an answer, in order to venture into uncharted territory for another? The simplest answer I can give is "Yes". The tidal Stour is a moody place, full of features and fish. I have absolutely no idea where I might end up but I'm excited by the potential. The drains are intimate, this river, flowing across The Ash Levels, is a very different beast.

A River Thames pike of 19 lbs 11 oz - November 16th 1982
Location is going to be fundamental, if I've got any chance at succeeding in my quest for a twenty. I caught my only river twenty, from The Thames, in January 1987, although I have a good number of river nineteens to my credit! Maybe I'd have a few more "twenties" if I left the scales at home? A worrying spin off from carp angling and celebrity guesstimation in 2017? Being "Old School" there is absolutely no way that I could land a decent fish and not get as accurate weight as my equipment allows. If I can be bothered to catch it, then I can also be bothered to weigh it - end of!
There's no more chance of me consulting tide tables, than I do the moon phase calendar, before heading out for a session. If I think there's a chance of a fish, then I go, regardless. A mistake? The only way I find out is by going fishing as often as I can. Fortunately, the river has far easier access than some of the drains, so very short sessions (two hours) are possible without too much trouble.
Because I work shifts, this project will be able to dove-tail neatly into the after dark stuff. When I'm on lates, then early morning sessions will be an option, on earlies, then my into dark project will take precedent and I will continue to explore the potential of this aspect of pike feeding behavior. A tidal river, in the dark, could throw up all sorts of interesting possibilities.

My only river "twenty" - 20 lbs 1 oz (January 8th 1987)
River Thames at Mapledurham, Berkshire.
Have I got the ability to decipher the clues and come to a sensible conclusion? Man, I'm buzzing, my head full of questions, ideas and wishes. This river, although not on the tidal reaches, has already provided my most difficult angling challenge, to date, with that barbel project. Hopefully, the pike might be a little more co-operative and  previous experiences will allow a better understanding of the challenge I've  now set myself?


  1. "I'd have a few more twenties if I left the scales at home" - love it!

    1. A sad reflection of the state of angling in 2017 I'm afraid