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An individual, of no great importance, who is unable to see the natural world as a place for competition. I catch fish, watch birds, derive immense pleasure from simply looking at butterflies, moths, bumble-bees, etc - without the need for rules! I am Dylan and this is my blog - if my opinions offend? Don't bother logging on again - simple!


Thursday 1 December 2016

Two rants for the price of one!

There seems to be a theme predominating the blogging biosphere which I inhabit - it's nostalgia fest time! There are many other, very worthy, subjects on the periphery, yet it is an overwhelming surge of looking back, not forwards that I am confronted by each time I log on. This social media format seems perfect for an age group, whose roots were planted before the 70's and, as such, are comfortable with Duran Duran and UB 40, whilst "digging" Bob Marley, Led Zep. Queen and Status Quo?
My worry is that this might indicate a very negative slant on our outlook of the future - we've already lived through the best bits and it's all downhill from here on in? I'm guilty as charged - I frequently use memories to keep this rambling nonsense up-dated, but haven't, yet, given up hope. The best is still to come, and that is something of which I am convinced. Seeing my grandchildren grow into adulthood - there can be, in my opinion, no more rewarding process, assuming they do so without turning into anti-social, half-witted, benefit cheats! Always look on the bright side - eh? If I do my bit, then there will be no problems - as I hold the rudder of the "Good Ship Wrathall". I have a responsibility, to my family, that ensures the teachings of my parents, and of theirs before, are not not lost in a swirling haze of politically correct diatribe - we need to concentrate on this is right, that is wrong! It's a very simple concept to understand for anyone with half a brain. Be nice, not horrible - how much more does education, in 2016, need to do to produce citizens who can function normally within global society?
Right, get off that soap box and on to another one! I have been very lax with my blogging stuff, of late. There has been very little going on around Newlands, unless Wood Pigeons and House Sparrows are of interest? My fishing has revolved around a very small section of drain, resulting in a good number of pike landed, but nothing worthy of note beyond "it's another double!" I'm living life in limbo - there is hope, just beyond the horizon, but they keep moving the goal posts! Bev and I will arrive at Quality Street, sometime soon, but we've got to be patient - can't have HM Revenue & Customs going without, that's illegal - just ask AMAZON, Sir Philip Green and Mike Ashley. Yes you have to pay your taxes - even when you're dead? It get's even better  - I have to pay tax on the money that remains, because Dad was too honest about his business dealings. Only in rip-off Britain can the hard working man be subjected to such an unjust system whilst other, scrounging tossers, can have it off - and you wonder why I voted for "Brexit"?  Things were so much fairer before "The Common Market" - that's what we joined, not the Germanic Federal Europe, too many of my relatives died fighting for me to feel anything, other than patriotic, when voting out!


  1. Dyl, I make references to the 'past' since I use that for information. I live in the 'now' because that's where we are, but I draw a line through the 'now' towards a 'future' based on what I want or want to be, and my ability to do something about it.
    I make adjustments accordingly, but my inherent lack of ability to compete on the world stage led to me to adopting a siege mentality.
    People say "I'll cross that bridge when I come to it". They shouldn't assume that when they get there, there'll be a bridge at all
    I found a bridge and just took up residence next to it. Just in case. If I was a bird, I'd be a Tawny Owl.
    Throughout history, the vast amount of property and assets has been in the hands of a small minority (1%). However, the recent past has seen a lot of that wealth spread out to a larger population. Historically speaking though, that situation is an aberration.
    If the normal patterns of education and employment don't appear to yield the same results as even 30 years ago, don't be surprised. It's not an illusion. All those taxes, student loans, cheap loans. They're designed to claw back the wealth accumulated by us and our parents.
    We're playing to a set of rules for a game where those goal posts haven't just moved. They have been taken away and burnt, and we've been given the bill.

    Good luck,

    1. Some fine words indeed young master Francis! I wrote this yesterday, while feeling rather sorry for myself and the perceived lack fairness in a system which Mum & Dad worked so hard to achieve their goals. I awoke this morning expecting an avalanche of abuse - not so. Being a fairly simple guy, I suppose that I am naive in expecting a system to work, favourably, for those who spent their entire lives contributing ?

  2. Sorry Dyl. but at 69, pleasure from nostalgia dominates my life these days because I cannot see plenty of good times yet to come. All I see is more illness, an increased incapacity to do jobs around the house/garden that I once considered easy, and Sheppey's farmland continuing to disappear under ever larger housing estates, wind turbines and solar panel farms.

    1. At 61 there are loads of jobs around the house/garden that I can't/won't do, however easy. The changing scenery of Sheppey is mirrored across our countryside as an ever expanding number of people require a roof over their heads. The green energy movement has to be encouraged for the sake of the planet, so the "Not In My Back Yard" crowd need to understand the significance of moving away from fossil fuel in order to maintain life as we know it. I too, get great pleasure from reliving the past but, in all honesty, cannot allow myself to think that I have experienced the best bits. My grandchildren are now my most precious asset - seeing them develop into adulthood, with all it's problems, will be the highlight of my time on earth!

  3. Dyl, abuse! On your blog! It would be like insulting a man in his own house. Not on. Proceed as you wish.
    Having said that, I might have pushed the boundaries on a couple of other blogs. But I've never met the authors of those, so can kid myself it didn't count. (Steve Gale removed one of his posts after one of my comments - and I was only joking that time - something connected with him chasing a bird like in the, er, old days).
    Derek, I sympathise. My heart sinks when I see a group of even one of those unnatural eyesores called wind turbines. Solar panels at least don't rotate. Irritating.
    Equally irritating is the knowledge that one of these so called 'green activist' types snapped up the wind turbine production licenses and under the auspices of looking after mother earth, has acquired a multi million pound fortune.
    I think he might now live in Monaco while birds get minced by the eco friendly blades. The definitive hypocrite.