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Friday 2 December 2016

This should be fun

Benno, Luke and myself are taking my grandson, Bryn, out pike fishing over the weekend. I posted a photo of him with a nice perch a few weeks back and, since then, he has also landed more perch, a good number of "skimmer" bream and seen caught a decent roach (Benno) and chub (Luke) whilst getting destroyed by a lively little carp at Sandwich Coarse Fishery. He has now made it very clear that it is a pike which he would really like to see, so Uncle Ben has made plans.

A very young Benno (aged eight or nine?) at Startops End Res with a nice brace. Those
ET Pike-tubes are still in service today, some twenty five years later!
We're going to the drain, where I've had so much recent success, and are planning to give Bryn all the rods (that's nine in total!) in the hope that he can catch his first Esox. The weather isn't too sparkling, although the -10C, forecast for other parts, isn't a factor. It is still important, however,  that an eight year old doesn't get cold, and/or bored, on his first pike outing - so we have to ensure he is actively involved with what we are doing and stays warm and dry. I will be at the venue, well before the others, and have an ET pike tube in my rucksack just to ensure that, should I get lucky, there will be a pike for Bryn to admire on this auspicious occasion. If I never catch another pike, I will still have caught more than my fair share; I've been very fortunate. It will be an absolute delight should this plan come to fruition, and we are able to introduce a young angler to the delights of pike fishing. The memories of my first capture are as crystal clear as the day it happened - that's what I am hoping for Bryn; a milestone moment, a memory which will remain entrenched for the rest of a lifetime. Around such events are lives, and life choices, influenced. Be nice, not horrible - that lesson will never go away!

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