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Wednesday 10 June 2015

Un-explainable - missing the un-missable!

The weather is all over the show, at the moment. We are bathed in glorious sunshine but, with a blasting E/NE wind, it is all rather unpleasant. Temperatures are struggling to reach 16 C, dropping rapidly, overnight, to around 11 C. Is it any wonder that moths have become a rather scarce commodity in recent days. Last night saw just four individuals, of three species! 1 Light Brown Apple Moth (a pesky Tortrix), 2 Heart & Dart (Noctuid - proper moths) and a Blood-vein (a Geometer - "wannabe" butterfly). A total waste of effort and electricity, or was it? Also within the confines of the "Robinson" were a couple of Caddis flies, not a group with which I am at all familiar, despite my obvious links with angling. They appeared to be of the same species, and I ensured I got an image, just for my records. Close up they are quite stunning little creatures, and worthy of further attention should I get a chance, at the various fisheries I will be visiting, over the coming months.

A Blood-vein - quite why such a dainty species would venture out in such dismal conditions is a mystery

I've tentatively id'd this creature as Limnephilus marmoratus - could be miles off the mark, but I ain't about to start
killing things; just to make sure!
A session at Sandwich, and I have another booked, proved to be a real roller coaster ride (although not as painful as a visit to Alton Towers) as my fortunes went from high to low - very quickly. Within an hour of setting up, I'd taken two fish (Commons) on chick peas, things could get hectic - had I brought enough bait? In the next 12 hours I had just two more bites, neither fish landed, but there were several other "occurrences" which might have been carp "getting away with it?"
Home from home - my CK collection of brolly, bed chair, sleeping bags and bite alarms. The rest of the gear is serious
tackle. Avid Carp un-hooking mat, Alan Brown (Hitchin) landing net, Duncan Kay's, 66X's on a KM rod-pod, with
Tring tench swinger indicators.
I have spent many long hours thinking about my terminal tackle, my rigs and the mechanics of my bait presentations. I don't profess to be a carp angler, of any stature, but surely I should have learned something during my angling career? I'm going right back to basics, starting at the reel, and examining every aspect of my approach to this particular situation. I have no issues with my bait, nor my fish location, so it is all down to how I go about my angling. Attention to detail because, after all, effort equals success.
A very welcome little Common (12 lbs 1 oz) that couldn't resist the "chick pea" set-up.

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