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Saturday 13 June 2015

That's more like it

Wow! My hopes for a decent night in the garden MV have been realised, although I have only added a three new macros to the year list - Clouded-bordered Brindle, Willow Beauty and Waved Umber (plus a pug sp. which needs some attention?)
Agdistis bennetii - a species described in The Kent Moth Report 2004 as "local"
Certainly far more striking than the usual E. monodactyla's that occur in the garden.

It was a night for micros and a "lifer" plume-moth. I've got loads of images to keep me occupied and will give you a sample of what's been going on in deepest Dumpton whilst the residents are slumbering. Enjoy.

I'm going with Monopis crocicapitella for this little chap

Celypha lacunana (?)
Cochylis molliculana (?)

Aethes francillana (?)
I've got a couple more to add - it was a very pleasant night's mothing

Cochyylis hybridella

Eudonia pallida

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