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Tuesday 17 September 2013

Sparse rewards at Newland's

With the blog looking more like "The Non-conformist", by the post, I have consciously made the effort to get it back on track. If I ain't talking fishing (not  angling politics) then I should make mention of the other wildlife that crosses my path during the routine of my mundane existence.
So here goes! The weather of the past week has been decidedly changeable, you don't require a BBC 5-day forecast, just look out of the window.
Birds are still at a premium around Newland's Farm. I have missed a few raptors, of that I know, because of the columns of gulls spiralling into the heavens. It is a well documented route that takes the majority of large birds of prey on a course away to the west of Vine Close. I can see the result, but can't find the cause - even with a 30x eyepiece on my Kowa TSN 823.
A juvenile Wheatear on a newly ploughed Newland's Farm cauliflower patch
Odd Sparrowhawks and Hobby have been seen, as I stand in the garden. Chiffchaffs have replaced Willow Warblers in the garden buddlieas whilst overhead, the early morning passage of Meadow Pipits is very obvious - a few birds have been decked in the stubble. A Wheatear flicked along the footpath, by the "Old Rose Garden" this afternoon, as I wandered home in the drizzle. Odd Swallows skim across the fields and I've heard Curlew and Oystercatcher calling in the darkness as I've prattled about with the moth trap. Not much, I agree, but better than nothing.

A Meadow Pipit flushed from the Newland's Farm stubble - their excited "tseeping" calls are a regular feature
of my early morning walk across to Pyson's Road.
I spent a little while with Emily, this afternoon. As all Grand-dads do - we walked up to the sweet shop to get some "Milky Way Stars". A Firecrest was calling from a stand of Sycamores, by St. Augustine's; the first of the autumn for me. (A very regular Thanet visitor that is still absent from my garden list!)

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