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Thursday 19 September 2013

No use for fish(er) or fowl(er)

We're in the midst of the very best period for both birding and angling, yet find ourselves at the mercy of the weather - so no change there then? A damp dawn, in the misty/midst of September, offers the promise of grounded migrants, add a little easterly bias to the wind and a day to remember is on the cards - very similar with the prospects for an autumn angler - decent cloud cover after a bright day; the water cools down very slowly and light penetration is minimal - just perfect conditions for those big Bream and Barbel to play ball. I am constantly perusing the 5-day forecast in the hope of spotting a niche where I might grab a day's holiday in the hope of of a chance for another R.Stour barbel.
A magnificent sight - just no good during the peak migration/big fish period.
Too much light for birds to find themselves disorientated or fish to be tricked into taking baited hooks?
I've had a little play with photo-shop; it was much brighter than this - not so orange!
Andy Lawson & co are also engaged in a similar regime - only hoping for the conditions to provide the basis for a spot of bush bashing (rare birds being the target!). Looking out from the living room window - it was remarkably bright - was to reveal why tonight/tomorrow is a waste of time!
I grabbed this image from the back gate - I rested the camera on the gatepost!
We spend the entire summer period building up to this period - yet are frequently disappointed by the reality - things never quite work out as we'd hoped? This is even more obvious when you are attempting juggle family life with an obsessive hobby - "oh what fun?"
Immature Kestrel hunting the field margin just beyond our hedge
A few bits around the garden were rather pleasing - an immature Kestrel attempting to find something along the hedgerow providing a nice photo opportunity. There were a couple of Chiffchaffs in the buddlieas and a Common Whitethroat scolded me as I fed the birds in the aviary.
Away from Newland's - I visited Dragoncarp Direct - Ramsgate, where I purchased a pair of Carp Kinetics "Native" boots. Chatting with the guys it appears that there have been a few anglers asking about the barbel images I've put on the "Wall of Fame"
Just for the record - I have used Dragoncarp.Direct gear since the start of the 2013 season. Both 13lbs-ders were on Matt Hayes "Limited Edition" Centre-pins, Used Tackle 18mm Halibut pellets - Korda "Wide-gape" size 10's - a JRC seat, assorted pellets and method mix ground baits. I use the £1 in-line leads (although I didn't realise that 98g = 3oz!) and landed with a Boss "Weight-lifter" handle on a Barbus Severn landing net frame (with a deep pan net - the original being nothing short of scandalous)
Great that I've created an interest in the barbel pottential of the R.Stour - a sad inditement to the level of ability of modern anglers that they are unable to go find answer for themselves?  My younger brother, Simon, describes them as "failed carp anglers". If they can't catch carp - they've got "Bob Hope & no hope" of a barbel from the Kentish Stour (even if I drew them a map!)

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