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Wednesday 18 September 2013

Predictable - but no less enjoyable?

We're in that period, around West Dumpton and Newland's Farm, that (after 13 years) I'm fairly confident about the appearance of certain species, in certain places, on this Thanet area that I call "my patch." Today has been a classic. Finishing work, at 14.00hrs, saw me meander across the fields - a Whinchat in The Old Rose Garden being the first there this autumn. In the distance I could see that the farmer was starting to work the stubble. You can't call it ploughing as much of the straw remains on the surface - just somehow they run a machine over the field which breaks the top soil and turns the ground.
As I reached the end of Vine Close, I became aware of good numbers of Ivy Bees (Colletes hedarae) nectaring on the mature Ivy of the hedgerow - I only discovered this population in September 2012!
Ivy Bee (Colletes hederae) on ivy flowers (now there's a surprise!) at the end of Vine Close
Large numbers of feral pigeons have descended on the area so, I was absolutely delighted to see a juvenile Peregrine stooping at the massed flocks. I called Bev and we enjoyed a couple of minutes watching this totally inept hunter chasing shadows - it will need to become more proficient if it is to survive the winter. (No camera to hand so you'll have to be content with an archive shot from last year!)
Immature/Juvenile Peregrine over Newland's Farm (September 2012)
A Chiffchaff flicked about in the buddlieas but, try as I might, nothing more of avian note was seen. A couple of Red Admirals sought sustenance on the remnants of the buddliea flowers and a lone Common Darter dashed around for a few minutes during a break in the clouds. If I'm unable to find enjoyment in this little lot then it really is time to call it a day - not that it will ever happen all the time I've got four grand-children to entertain!
Garden Chiffchaff - flicking about in the spent buddliea flower heads

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