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Thursday, 31 January 2013

It really isn't that important

Bev thinks that I need to buy some new gear - obviously the pike are offended by my "vintage" tackle
Benno with his 11lbs 4oz fish (note the scarring)
The same fish as he took on Sunday, at 11lbs 2oz - same swim and same bait (John Bailey - what a prick!)
With some serious stuff to attend to, I took a day off and crammed in as much as I could. I met up with Benno at 07.00hrs on the RMC where he proceeded to continue with the piking masterclass - he took two; including another double 11lbs 4oz, whilst I had to content myself with a jack (of 4lbs-ish!)

Jack attack - playing my smallest fish from the RMC
A Water Rail played games with me - on show continually along the grassy bank - I couldn't get within 30m. A 1st winter Black-headed Gull was far more co-operative and allowed a nice series of images as it perched on the bridge railings.

1st winter Black-headed Gull
People seen and decisions made, provisionally, I was back home in plenty of time to pick Bev up, from work. Birds fed, we went over to Debbie's so that I could baby-sit Emily whilst Bev & Debbie went shopping (with Harry!)
Emily and I went out for a wander - Ramsgate Harbour and a stunning Great Northern Diver (that had been found by Craig and Phil the previous day) which put on a fabulous show - to within 2m at times. I had no binoculars or camera, so just enjoyed the fact that Emily was on her first "twitch". Seriously, if any local photographers want something to do, this bird will be right up your street. It was in the outer harbour, just beyond the dividing sluice and bridge.
Just as an aside - may I thank those who have recently joined my "blog followers" - I am truly flattered by your interest. Please don't expect any great things from this latest venture - I'm fed up with fighting and now want nothing more than the simple life. Not too much to ask? Love, peace and lentil soup - man! (Oh, and a can of Stella perhaps?)

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  1. Hi mate. The Diver has been in the harbour for 4 - 5 days I found out earlier. Simon M had a chat with one of the fishermen who told him. Craig was the first birder to see the Diver (on Tuesday) it was on the sea off the east pier, he then spotted it this morning ... I just popped down to twitch it after he rang me.

    Tight lines, hope all's well dude ... Phil.