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Friday, 25 January 2013

Winter weather = wildfowl movements

Adult White-fronted Goose at Grove Ferry - when you could see from the ramp! (autumn 2003)
Ever since moving to East Kent I have been made aware that certain weather patterns would result in specific bird movements. These are generally associated with peak migration periods of autumn and spring and are, generally, the effects of exceptional winds/weather systems, however, the onset of freezing conditions in the Low Countries (Holland in particular) will produce large scale cross channel movements of wild swans and geese during the winter period.

A Tundra Bean Goose that spent several weeks around Newland's Farm in January 2004.

Although it would seem that our little corner of the Kingdom is coming out of the snowy chaos, mainland Europe and other areas of the UK (to the north) are still in the grips of these icy conditions - perfect for seeing a movement of wildfowl across the English Channel; to the relative comfort of the East Kent marshes. Benno and I have plans to get out with the rods, on Sunday, my long lens will travel with me as we make another attempt for the Royal Military Canal pike. It's quite likely that the camera will see more action than the fishing tackle - yet I live in hope!

One of the most spectacular of our winter visitors - an adult Whooper Swan - near Wye during Feb 2006

I have been scouring the archives for images of swans and geese, finding that my most successful efforts have been obtained using my ancient digi-scoping equipment (A Kowa TSN 823/30x eye- piece and a Nikon CP 7600). Very cumbersome, and wholely unsuited to flight shots, these large birds provide the perfect subjects for this type of digital imagery.

Adult Bewick's Swan at Pluck's Gutter along the Little Stour (2006)

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