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Sunday, 27 January 2013

That's more like it!

Benno and I were at our chosen swims, on The Royal Military Canal, by 07.00hrs - baits in the water some 15 minutes later - Benno having the first bite within 20 minutes of casting out. The action, for Ben was non-stop - he'd had five takes within the first hour, landing just two fish - both under 7lbs! His sixth bite - on the same rod and bait (1/2 a mackerel) resulted in a superb fish of 16lbs 9oz. This type of situation is usually the result of the angler dropping in on a "hot-spot" - transient or otherwise.

Benno with a 16lbs 9oz pike from The Royal Military Canal
The weather that greeted us was awful; with driving rain borne on a stiff SW wind - luckily it wasn't cold - air temperature was around 9C. However, the rain had ceased by 08.20hrs and, although the clouds lingered on, we enjoyed some welcome sunshine by 10.30hrs. At 09.55hrs Benno had a take on his other rod, an 11lbs 2oz pike being the result, but before we had a chance to grab any photos, my rod (that was closest to the swim Ben was fishing) was also away - my fish weighing in at 10lbs 15oz - my third fish and third double from the RMC!

Benno with his 11lbs 2oz pike

My 10lbs 15oz pike - christening my personalised "Dylan" Christmas present (A PAC gilet)
Fish on - keeping low, my stock man's coat also getting a baptism: 13ft Tri-cast 2 3/4 lbs TC &  ABU Cardinal 155

Benno doing his stuff on The Royal Military Canal - double on!"
The session still had more surprises, Benno's other rod all of a sudden became the focus for all the action, he ended the session with six fish from eleven bites - a third double of 11lbs 9oz - on a bluey!

Benno - 11lbs 9oz - in the late morning sunshine

I don't remember a better session; especially as it was a completely spontaneous affair - we had originally planned to fish another section of the RMC but used the BBC 5-day weather forecast to influence our plans, at very short notice.
Several Mediterranean Gulls, two Chiffchaffs and many other bird species ensured that I had something to look at whilst I awaited another (not forth-coming) bite. It was a pleasure to be out today, even our trips to Scotland haven't managed to provide action on this scale - a "good to be alive" sort of day!

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  1. Glad to see your still fishing. Keep on enjoying life. Roger Berry