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Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Waxwing watching whilst at work!

At 04.50hrs my slumber was brought to a shuddering halt by the sound of my bedside alarm clock. If this was a signal that I needed to leave the warmth of my bed in order to travel to some distant fishery then there would be no problems. Today, however, the reality was a return to the routine of factory life as dictated by the digital ink production facility within Fujifilm's new plant at Pyson's Road - there are many worse ways to earn a living and that's a fact! Still, on a cold, dark, Wednesday morning, I certainly wasn't over enthused by the prospect of work.
A typical view of these birds, perched high in the uppermost branches,
 close to a chosen food source

After a couple of hours it was almost like the Christmas break hadn't happened - the rhythm of our daily routine quickly re-establishing itself. Our main meal break was taken around 10.00hrs (it's quite a flexible regime) and I was standing outside chatting with a colleague when a group of 27 Waxwings descended into the treetops beside the NC Hand Car Wash - in Booker's car park. They spent the next 10, or so, minutes making forays down onto the berry laden bush, right above the car wash. It was clear that they weren't overly impressed, as I mentioned yesterday, these berries seem to be rather unpleasant, the group fed briefly before returning to the tree tops. Before 10.25hrs they were up and away, heading towards Ramsgate. Obviously, my photos are not from today, but with Waxwings being such superb birds any excuse to use a couple of old images.

If I ever tire of watching these birds then it's time to hang up my bins!

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