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Saturday, 5 January 2013

More tackle saved from the collector's cabinet

Kevin Maddock's Rod-pod set up - complete with
 GardnerTackle rod rests
I spent a mind numbing six hours blanking at a local day-ticket "carp puddle". I have no answers, but plenty of questions of my tactics - I'd gone there in search of the perch that have been reported in the past. I fished a nice overhanging snag, with a cocktail of prawns and "dendrabena" red worms either ledgered or float fished. It didn't matter - the result was the same. The other rod was fished in the margin of a near-by island with crab pellets and a small pva bag of freebies on a 1oz semi-fixed lead rig. Again, apart from a couple of knocks on the rod tip (despite back leads) I received no indication on the bite alarms or bobbins!

Three young lads passed by my swim and I could see them smirking at the tackle I was using; I was rather hoping that they'd throw me a few quid to get some new stuff! They probably have no idea as to the historic significance of the items on view. There was an original Kevin Maddock's rod pod, a Steve Neville (proto-type bite alarm - 1993), my cherished Match Aerial centre pin and an ABU Cardinal 44X (I paid 22s 6d in 1970 - that's £1 12 1/2 p) plus my original bed chair, complete with Dave Preston (Preston Innovations Ltd) leg extensions. Each and every item still very serviceable and doing the job I wanted.
My cherished, and rather tatty, Match Aerial centre pin
A Steve Neville proto-type bite alarm
Around 1993 - I got a pair from Bob Henderson who was
then fishing at Wilstone alongside Alan Wilson - Happy days!

ABU Cardinal 44X



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