Who am I?

An individual, of no great importance, who is unable to see the natural world as a place for competition. I catch fish, watch birds, derive immense pleasure from simply looking at butterflies, moths, bumble-bees, etc - without the need for rules! I am Dylan and this is my blog - if my opinions offend? Don't bother logging on again - simple!


Thursday 1 April 2021

Close season blues

I've no one to blame but myself. When I came home from that Sunday 14th March session, my stated intention was not to pick up a rod again until I'd retired. However difficult, it is, I will stick to this promise as the finishing line gets ever closer. Knowing that the flatlands are off limits until that magical June 16th restart, I have two options open to me, unless Boris lifts some of the travel restrictions? I can make a start down at the syndicate or, far more likely, have a bash after a decent perch down at Sandwich Coarse Fishery.  

I'm sat in my study, surrounded by the ridiculous array of tackle that I've amassed over the decades, looking forward to the day when work is just a memory. The 1956 Hardy "Palakona" Perfection Roach rod needs to be given an outing, in combination with the Allcock's Match Ariel centre-pin. If I then chuck in a homemade seagull quill float and a flavoured king prawn, what perch could resist such a set-up? There's a Tweed jacket hanging in the back of the van, a soppy looking floppy hat plus a shirt and tie will complete the ensemble. Chris Yates eat your heart out! What I'm hoping for is to get some fun back into the angling experience. As my mate Gary commented, "an eccentric", I can cope with that assessment. 

I came away from work today knowing that I've had enough of the bullying, bullshit and lies, emanating from one odious little egotist. The fact that the management and HR combination are incapable of exerting influence over the behaviour of such a character is a sad reflection on the demise of the fantastic working environment which once existed within the digital department of FSIS. I really fear for the mental wellbeing of all those guys who have to remain in this situation in order to pay their bills. I now have a four day break, as does everyone else, over the Easter Weekend then just four more late shifts before I walk away. Feeling as I do, at present, I'm not too sure I'll survive those final four shifts? I can always turn it on its head? If I walk away sooner, the earlier I'll be grabbing the Hardy "Palakona" for a session on the bank yet will have stayed true to my promise! Decisions, decisions.


  1. Hang in there Dyl. You can always vent your spleen on the guy once you've officially walked away. Send a suitable letter in to the other guys on shift.
    I'm sure your imagination can conjure up a few laughs at his expense.

    1. Hi Ric,
      Have no fear I'm already miles ahead of your thought process. A trip to Tokyo is certainly a possibility, but other options need to be explored. That ignorant maggot will get what he deserves, have no doubt. He's playing games with "Wrafties" and there'll only be one winner! It won't be him!!!!! Cheers for the comment and I'm now looking forward rather than back - Dyl

  2. Hiya Dylan,
    my comment of "eccentric" is meant in the nicest possible way, in this day and age it is a pleasure to meet up with a guy who has not had his head turned by the money making machine behind the angling world, i succumbed years ago im afraid and chased the sold dream of big fish and the forgotten pleasure of fishing, im glad my life has changed full circle and will be back to enjoy the many disciplines of fishing rather than just big carp, i got my ticket for one syndicate in Thanet and will be seeking a 2nd with a lot more variety take care mate and tight lines

    1. Gary,
      If being called eccentric was anything other than an observation, then there are plenty of far more offensive words available to those who wish to cast aspersions upon my validity as an angler/individual. I went down to the syndicate, this morning, in the wind and snow, just for a quick look around. One or two fish have been out, but it's still early season and nights were only allowed again from 29th March. I'll definitely be into work early on Friday to say my good-byes to the digital crew, but will probably see you before then? Toodle-pip!