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Thursday 22 April 2021

Buzzard bonanza

 Days like these don't happen very often around Newlands, although I might not have been able to spend the time, in the past, just enjoying the spectacle. I had a walk around the fields, to the north of Vine Close, just before 08.00 hrs and a tractor was already at work, ploughing the big field. Obviously, the local Herring Gulls plus a few Lesser Black-backs from the Pyson's Rd colony, were in attendance and I did my best to locate something different but failed miserably. Six Corn Buntings were an unusual record and I had the first "patch" Whitethroat of the year singing in the adjacent hedgerow. Scattered high cloud and a brisk E/NE wind ensured it felt chilly and I was happy to return home for a cuppa. The first Common Buzzards appeared before 09.00 hrs yet, by 10.00 hrs, there were birds in view almost continually right through to 13.00 hrs when Bev and I went out for a drive. 

I'd recorded forty three birds, although duplication and local breeding birds cannot be discounted, before 13.00 hrs. There were still birds soaring over the farm at 16.50 hrs. What I find difficult to understand is the total lack of the pale, Scandinavian type, birds which were such a feature during the 2020 Spring migration period. Still tomorrow is another day and I see what else I can find whilst standing in the garden watching the world go by!

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