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An individual, of no great importance, who is unable to see the natural world as a place for competition. I catch fish, watch birds, derive immense pleasure from simply looking at butterflies, moths, bumble-bees, etc - without the need for rules! I am Dylan and this is my blog - if my opinions offend? Don't bother logging on again - simple!


Friday 16 April 2021

Three days in

 Because, of the current situation, the local syndicate requires me to book a slot at the fishery if I wish to have a session, therefore, I'd already committed to three consecutive afternoon/dusk outings (I don't do nights!) this week. Hopefully, with lockdown easing, things will change and I'll have a little more flexibility with my angling arrangements at the venue? If I'd have known how bloody cold it would feel, in the blasting N/NE winds I might not have bothered. Still, if I didn't experience the lows, then I couldn't appreciate the highs when they occur. Certainly not time wasted as I learned plenty which might help me as this challenge moves forward. 

The Hardy "Palakona" Perfection Roach rod, ABU Cardinal 44X reel and
Tring swing arm indicator. In the bucket is mashed bread, for the cage feeder, with a tin
of J66 (Jolly Green Giant - that's carp angling code from the 70's) for hook bait.

If there was a highlight, then it has to be catching a lovely plump 1 lb 2 oz roach on the Hardy "Palakona" Perfection Roach rod. I'd like to thank young Mr Francis for his splendid email, which gave me plenty of food for thought as to how I might approach the roach conundrum in this particular fishery. The bite, when it came, was a drop back registered on a loaded swing arm indicator, much as we used on Tring in the 1980's. So cheers Ric!

I saw a few carp show, as light faded, on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings, yet couldn't buy a bite on a zig or bottom baits. Thursday, with all three rods in areas where I'd seen carp, not a sign of a fish anywhere, not even pike striking at the rudd shoals. All very weird. First Sedge Warbler on 13th April, with my first Reed Warbler just two days later. Had plenty of time to play around with camera kit and managed to record a few images which capture the feel of the fishery, if not the fish within?

I've still got another twenty-one sessions, at least, before the start of the traditional season. I remain confident of a few carp in the landing net before that magical date. 


  1. Glad to be of assistance Dyl. I did wonder about your thoughts on the use of those tiny hooks as in, how do you see the things, let alone tie them on?
    Hook lengths can be supplied all set to go if wanted. ps I can still tie size 20's spade ends by hand.

    1. Hi mate, size 20's (spade end or eyed) won't be figuring in anything I attempt at this particular venue. It is teeming with small rudd which is why my set up is a size 11 Kamasan Barbel Maxx hook, with two grains of sweetcorn for bait. Hook lengths are 3 lbs b.s. Drennan stuff around twelve inches long in conjunction with a 1 oz Drennan cage feeder loaded with mashed bread and sweetcorn. Basically it is a very similar set-up to that I'd have used on Startops whenever I fished there. I have to say that I was rather chuffed when that fish turned up. It being the first roach I've caught by design since those halcyon days of long ago. With this cold weather associated with these incessant N/NE winds looking set to continue right through the next week, I don't see much point casting a bait in their direction. High pressure means I'll be sticking with the zigs until we get a change. Cheers for your help - Dyl