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Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Why we do it

For the past two mornings I've been out of the bungalow by 06.30 hrs; not late for work but, instead, walking the tracks of Newland's Farm to see what's about. Patch watching, the next most simple form of birding after garden birding. I am able to derive great satisfaction from this aspect of the hobby, if I don't see/find it, then it will basically go un-noticed. The weather is glorious and, for the most part, in these conditions the vast majority of migrants will pass overhead without stopping.

However, a few do and it is these waifs and strays that keep me enthused as a I wander the area. Yesterday it was my first Willow Warbler, of the Spring, today there were four Ring Ouzel, two Swallows and a newly arrived Blackcap. Far from the heady mix of the coastal watch points, but plenty good enough for me to continue to keep looking and enjoying this very simple pastime.

A quick update - the first Wheatear of 2015 was along the track to The Old Rose Garden, as I made my way to work, at 13.35 hrs this afternoon!

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