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Thursday, 30 April 2015

The realisation of a dream

Well we're back home, safe and sound and all in one piece! The trip was cut short due to the unbelievable severity of the erratic weather we were forced to endure. Severe gales, driving hail, sleet, snow and torrential rain, allied with freezing temperatures, beating us up and totally removing the enjoyment of any angling experiences. We caught a fair number of pike between us and our kit stood up to the ordeal superbly - just it is very difficult to maintain enthusiasm when the elements play such a key role.
I have masses of material to blog about, be it the wildlife or the approach of other anglers, plus I do want to write a summary of our approach to tackling the challenge of Kilchurn Bay (not Loch Awe) as we have no plan to get back there in the foreseeable future. Just before 06.00 hrs on Saturday 26th April I had a bite on one of my rods, which resulted in my landing a magnificent Pike of 24 lbs 10 oz; the fish that I have dreamt about since first travelling to Scotland in May 1982.
It was taken on a yellow dyed Mackerel tail, flavoured with Predator Plus and Salmon oil fished on my 13' Bruce & Walker HMC rod with a Matt Haye's Limited Edition centre-pin loaded with 30 lbs b.s. Spiderwire braid. Benno netted it and he and Luke weighed it on a set of Ruben Heatons - the fish was later witnessed by Alan Gray (the land owner). Only four of us set eyes on the fish; Benno posted a photo on Facebook, via the wonders of modern phone technology, to a limited number of chosen people. I readily admit that I cracked open a San Miguel shortly after and went on the piss all day - it really was that important to me. I left the boys for a while and took a walk over to "Fraggle Rock" where I spent some time, alone, with my emotions and thoughts of Cuddly and Mum; I'm sure that they would both have enjoyed the moment?

The Pike of my dreams - a Scottish "twenty"
Taken on only our second morning - the weather went downhill, rapidly,
following this capture
As we were leaving, this morning, Alan told me that my pike now is being reported as a 32 - via the Glasgow Angling Centre - such is the power of the Internet and Chinese whispers!
I've loads more material to sift through, so expect a few more posts in early May. Despite the weather; we did have a good holiday and are, as ever, indebted to Alan Gray for his superb hospitality and allowing us access to this magnificent fishery.


  1. Really pleased for you Dyl. One day I will join you for that San Miguel...

    1. Steve, Although you are not an angler I know (because of your vintage and track record) that you can empathise with my experience. A bit like your Little Gull on a balmy Dungeness day - possibly? It really was that good - and yes, I'd love to crack open a can with you one day - Dyl

  2. Congrats Dylan, I bet that beer tasted sweet !

    1. Darren - it was pure nectar and worked a treat! That pike means so much more than a set of numbers - magic times at a special place with my son (and his best mate) - it doesn't get much better. The trip report will follow in the next couple of days - Dylan

  3. Well done mate great read as ever