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Saturday, 11 April 2015

Sandwich - once again

With our Scottish trip getting ever closer, I have decided to have one last bash at Sandwich Coarse Fishery before we; Luke, Benno and I, undertake the 600 mile drive to Loch Awe. Most of our preparations are well advanced but, there are the usual, last minute, tweaks which need to be finalised.
It was with this in mind that I travelled over to Sandwich, this morning, as Luke had booked in for a 24 - hour stint. We had a few bits to sort out. He'd already taken three small (not doubles) carp overnight, and had a fourth fish whilst I was chatting with him.

Once again, Luke showing me the way to go.  Only a scamp Common, but very welcome on a day like this?
If I had not been aware of the current situation I'd probably not have bothered. So I am, this evening, at home boiling up my hemp and getting the gear ready for one last fling, before we head north. Luke's approach is very today, dumb-bell pellets and pva bags - my insistence on using traditional methods/techniques is, by contrast, completely alien to the vast majority of anglers who frequent this venue. One thing that is very apparent is my undeniable lack of success during the colder months. Some of these modern techniques are far advanced from my simplistic approach yet, as the water warms up, I feel that there is plenty of opportunity for me make a statement and redeem myself?
Tomorrow will, once again, see two Duncan Kay's with Mitchell 300's attached, perched upon my Kevin Maddock's rod-pod system - a semolina/soya flour boily on one and chick peas on the other. Binoculars around my neck and extension tubes fitted to the camera; I'm sure there'll be something to entertain me should I continue to demonstrate my recent lack of angling skill? I am only going to give it six hours, at best, before this gear gets stowed away and pike angling, once again, takes centre stage. I've got a supplier of Cornish Sardines - less than 36 hrs from capture to freezer - which Luke and I both feel will aid our cause. Benno has a supplier of rather more exotic baits which are pivotal to our confidence and techniques. As this is our final sortie, I am happy to reveal all when we get home - don't hold your breath because it is nothing too remarkable. This final trip has all the ingredients to be an epic session (we have a twelve day time slot)  - Davie Robertson joining us for a day - so we can catch up with what's going on in Central Scottish Pike Angling circles.

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