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Tuesday, 21 April 2015

The waiting is almost over

Our departure imminent, Benno, Luke and myself are in constant conversation about what sundry items need to be gathered. Who's got the washing up bowl, knives and forks, etc...? The bait is sorted, van serviced, with new tyres as an added extra! We've raided Simon's gear to ensure that every angle is covered - it's now down to the three of us. Are we good enough? Loch Awe 2015 - it has all the ingredients to be a classic. The last four trips have resulted in 80, yes eighty!, doubles being landed including three twenties. We really have experienced some superb angling at this fabulous venue.

The magnificence of a moody dawn on Loch Awe, looking up Glen Orchy.
What do we hope for this time round? What is the bench-mark of success/failure? Do we need to see our doubles tally pass the 100 mark, as great as that would be?  I am not really sure, if I'm totally honest. The three of us get on incredibly well, there is no jealousy, nor secrets - a recipe for hippy harmony! I would imagine that all three of us will have differing expectations and dreams. As this is to be my final trip (for the foreseeable future) to this magnificent fishery, obviously I am after that elusive Scottish twenty. The two boys (friends since school - now both in their early 30's) have other ambitions; they like fishing with lures and flies - so away they'll go. We're all going up there for a holiday, to chill out, catch a few fish, sink a few cans and relax. It matters not one iota how, as individuals, we choose to define enjoyment, just getting out there and doing it is what really counts!

Simon is too unwell to make the 2015 trip - we'll have a few beers on the strength of the fact that we are using his
freezer and bait boat technology.  I sincerely hope that we will have another opportunity to recreate
this image some time in the future - probably after we've both retired!
I have plans to utilise some of my time by writing, not using the lap-top but, instead, with a pen and paper! That book is still very much a cherished dream; a challenge that needs to be faced up to and realised. I have odd chapters, in word document format - the real deal still retained in my head and my heart. I've purchased a 250 page A4 hardback note book - that should see me off to a decent start?
Rod Hutchinson wrote his first book in two weeks, his second a month! My effort will take considerably longer, as I am already into my second year. Writing, for me, is not something that I can do without constant reappraisal, I could have said this or that better - I post this type of drivel without much problem or thought, if however, I wish my experiences to be more fully expressed, then I require time to explore my narrative and ensure that it actually expresses all that I wish to convey.
I sincerely hope that my health remains intact and I am able to fulfil this ambition; in my own time.

A thing of beauty held by a "Yeti" - It's taken many years of careful grooming
 to cultivate this impressive fashion statement!
As there are just the three of us, this year, we will have ample space in which to spread our rods. I'm thinking of using four, if the conditions allow? Two Shimano Speed Master 5000's on my 13 footers and Cardinal 66X's on the 12 foot, 2.75 lbs t/c, Sportex rods that I've borrowed off Simon. I've also got my three Matt Hayes "Limited Edition" centre-pins, fully braided up, should I fancy a change. We've got enough bait to last us to Christmas, all high quality, fresh frozen, fish of a range of species. Dyes, flavours (fish oils) and enhancers are all part of our armoury - we'll pick and choose our bait/flavour/colour combinations as the holiday progresses, the one thing for sure is we won't run out! What we don't use will come back home - still frozen, such is the quality of the gas freezer system we now have at our disposal.
A superb brace of mid-doubles.
If ever I need to remind myself why I bother - I look no further than
images of my times on the Scottish lochs.
To quote Carly Simon - "Simply the Best!"
We also have the finest terminal tackle that we can acquire - Japanese hooks coupled with American wire traces. Benno uses crimps, I am a "twiddling stick" guy - either way, our traces are custom made and 100% reliable - I'd snap a rod before one of my traces gave way! I have but one more shift, to endure, before we sally forth to the delights of Loch Awe. St. George's Day will see us travel the 600 miles to the shore of Kilchurn Bay. What ever the outcome, you'll learn all about it, and much more, on my return, no later than May bank holiday Monday! (I'm back at work on Tuesday 5th May - bloody earlies!)

So in the mean time I'll not be blogging - keep the faith and thanks to everyone who bothers looking at my stuff.


  1. Have a good'un Dylan and tight lines!

    1. Thanks Stewart - I'm expecting to do just that! The fish either will, or won't play ball - Ospreys and Black-throated Divers will have to up their game?

  2. Replies
    1. Steve - I plan to do just that! I'll just make sure I find time to taste the hops along the way - take it easy - Dyl

  3. Tight lines Dylan.

    Looking forward to the catch report !

    1. Cheers Darren - I hope our efforts are worthy of report? Dylan