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Thursday, 16 April 2015

Decisions, decisions

I'm sat in my study surrounded by an unbelievable amount of dross. Items of tackle and associated kit, all awaiting my approval as to their suitability for Scotland 2015. In 1982, I didn't have any of these problems; I didn't have that much gear that a choice was required - I simply took every tackle item I owned.
Getting home, last night, I sat down with an A4 pad and started to write a list of what I wanted to take - after three pages I gave up - it is bloody crazy the stuff that I have now to consider.
Luckily; I still have a fortnight-ish to get my act together and I'm sure it'll be OK come our day of departure? I took a short stroll around the farm, early this morning, just a single female Wheatear and four singing male Blackcaps for my troubles. The most interesting sighting was of two Great Spotted Woodpeckers flying high over the bungalow heading north - headed for Scandinavia at a guess?

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