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Saturday, 4 April 2015

An over-nighter

I've secured a night session at Sandwich Coarse Fishery, for Saturday into Sunday, my first one of 2015. I have a few ideas which I want to attempt, before I take them into a serious angling situation. A chat, this morning (Friday), with Kevin was an enlightening encounter - there was a guy who took twelve fish, including three twenties (I've seen the photos!) on Wednesday night. I have absolutely no idea (or desire to copy) what bait the successful angler had been using - I just needed to know that the carp are having it. If I'm good enough, and my approach suited to the conditions, I'll have some of this action.
I had a quick walk around the venue, one lad landing a modest carp - on float gear, whilst I was there; the carp are getting on the munch after their winter lay off! I'm going to do much the same as I'd done on the tench venue. A decent spread of hemp and liquidised sweetcorn with a neutral buoyancy 12 mm pellet on one rod and a "snowman" on the other (two rod limit applies here). My boilies were made last night and are a very basic concoction of semolina and soya flour - plus a few other bits? They are deliberately left uncoloured, as I want them to appear "washed out", like they have been in the water for an extended period. I'm not sure if this makes any difference, but it is something which I have been experimenting with over the past season after seeing some stuff on Youtube. The theory seems to be based upon sound logic?

My first, and largest, carp from the fishery.
I'd be very happy for a repeat performance tonight.
I'm going on my own, there was only one place available when I enquired, the limit being six overnight anglers on this venue. At least there'll be someone handy should I need a photo or two. I do have a secondary motive for doing a night and that is to check out my gear, prior to Scotland, if something needs replacing it's better to find out now and not wait until I'm on the banks of Loch Awe.
It'll be my first carp session using Mitchell 300's and I still await my first fish on any of these reels, it should be very entertaining. I have no ambitious desires for the session, I just want to bend a rod and try out a few ideas. Whatever the outcome I'll make a post about the experience on Sunday morning when I get back home.

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