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Friday 30 August 2013

So little happening around Newland's?

I read, with some envy, the reports of other sites around the Kent countryside and the birds that are being seen. Newland's, by contrast, has been virtually migrant free. It hasn't changed since the awful spring - The Old Rose Garden hasn't even hosted a pair of Whitethroats! Swallows failed to breed at the barn, for the first time in 13 years - locally migrants have been conspicuous by their absence. It seems that the autumn is set to follow the same course. A wander around the fields, this morning, revealed a lone Wheatear, a flyover Yellow Wagtail and a handfull of Swallows, moving purposefully into the light SW breeze. A Willow Warbler flitted around the Elder bush, at the end of our back garden - Whinchats, Wrynecks and who knows what else, giving the area a very wide berth.

Juvenile Wheatear on the Ellington Girl's School fence

Willow Warbler in the garden Elder bush

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