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Sunday 25 August 2013

It's been some week!

I am in no doubt that I will ever experience angling success like I've had, this week, again in my lifetime. Two 13lbs+ barbel from the R. Stour is the stuff of dreams - it would be a great result from the R. Thames! So to catch two fish of this class from a river that is classified as difficult (by the Barbel Guys Ltd. - Aston Clinton branch) is a fantastic achievement. However, the fish are just the icing on the cake - it has been a great week all round.
On Thursday Jane (Bev's best mate) and I went to Dover Castle. To my shame, this is the first time I've been there!!! My initial reaction was to think that £17 was a bit steep - no way. Having spent five hours without coming close to seeing all that there is on offer, being guided by people who are 100% into the English Heritage gig, thus very knowledgeable and enthusiastic and witnessing the power of interaction (The Great Tower) between the actors and the kids; I was completely blown away, £17 well spent therefore. The Operation Dynamo (Dunkirk evacuation) and The Underground Hospital tours were worth the money on their own - Jane and I were like kids in a sweetshop; where did we look next? (Why didn't I take a camera?)

Oak Bush Cricket - photographed on my un-hooking mat (Bev didn't want it in the house?)
Still plenty of insect activity around the buddlieas, plus a few decent moths and an un-invited bedroom visitor! Bev discovered an Oak Bush Cricket on the ceiling. I was summons to remove it before she would go to bed - I potted it up and photographed it the next morning. Two Tree Lichen Beauty and a Gold Spot brightened up the egg boxes, of the moth trap, on Wednesday morning; I am running the trap very intermittently at present. There was a Hummingbird Hawk-moth feeding on the buddlieas on Tuesday evening; Bev, Jane and I sitting out in the late afternoon sunshine when it put in a very brief appearance. Why have migrant moths been so scarce when Kent has been host to so many migrant butterflies?
A decade ago this would have been a "mega"
These days - a gimme on a Thanet garden year list

A Gold Spot - a classy resident species which is always welcome. I think it is just about annual in the garden?
It's certainly not regular.

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