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Tuesday 6 August 2013

Thinking (Barbel) tackle and tactics - with so many distractions!

My world, since the events of Saturday night, has been in utter turmoil. Bev and I have decided that the craft room (the west wing of our abode) is in need of serious attention. The whole layout has been given a major rethink - with rather pleasing results, so far. This, of course, has nothing to do with the fact that Jane, Bev's best friend, is coming to stay with us for a week (Aug 19th onwards) - just coincidence I guess? (I couldn't give a toss - I caught an 11lbs 9oz barbel!)
I've put this image on the "Dragoncarp Direct" wall of fame - in the Ramsgate branch.
When will I be famous? Or am I just f**ked off with idiots posting photos of fish which aren't close
to the weights they report? I've been an angler for a long time.
I once heard this comment; " Are all anglers' liars or do all liars fish?" Some of the guys with photos on the wall
might do well to think on this for a while.
However, away from the upheaval, the barbel of the Kentish R. Stour dominate my waking hours - as I try to piece together the jig-saw that our experiences have provided. There are so many missing pieces, that I'm confident we'll require another full season before we can draw any meaningful conclusions. Of one thing I am sure; if we stick to our plan, a very "big" barbel will be taken by one of us (Tom, Luke, Benno, Simon, Bunny or myself) - the river is in such good condition. Of course I'd like it to be me, but with these guys in the mix - I will be equally happy if any one of them took it. We have no secrets and no jealousy - a perfect combination.
Digger Wasp sp. in the garden - enjoying the sunshine
The weather, on Thanet, has been spectacular recently. The rain has ensured that our buddlieas have come on, in leaps and bounds, and suddenly the garden is alive with insects. Butterflies and bumblebees dominate, yet I recorded my first 2013 Hummingbird Hawk-moth on Friday. Painted Ladies have arrived in big numbers (along with hoards of Silver Y's) plus good numbers of Peacock butterflies. It would seem that we are finally getting some balance back into the eco-system. Resident moth numbers are at a level which is to be expected - Privet Hawk-moths are having a bumper season!
Emily and a Privet Hawk-moth
My camera has been present - macro set-up - in the kitchen which ensures I'm able to grab it whenever there is something of note around the jungle, that we call our garden.

Painted Lady


Male Common Darter in the back garden
Not quite Marc Heath standards - plenty good enough for a blogger!

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