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Sunday, 4 August 2013

Dreams can become reality - if you persevere!

It's been a long time coming but, having just got home from the R. Stour, I have captured a barbel of 11lbs 9oz. A new PB and a fish that has been central to my waking hours since the start of the new season (June 16th). Benno and I had arranged a Saturday evening session during the week, so it was fantastic that Benno was on hand to grab a few shots of this "milestone" fish. We were fishing around half a mile apart, walkie talkies allowing us to keep in touch.

This fish came from the same swim as my first barbel, from the R. Stour, and put up a fantastic scrap on my 12' "Specialist Barbel" rods and ABU Cardinal 66X (12lbs b.s, line & size 10 Korda widegape hook). I have come up with a ruse to minimalize the eel interference - so far, so good. I still am using 18mm halibut pellets but fishing them over a bed of hemp and sweetcorn. Stroke of genius, or plain lucky? - only time will tell!
This old warrier is showing a few battle scars. The lower tail lobe is damaged and there is a fresh
sore on the flank, just above my left hand.
A magnificent fish, all the same, and one that I'm very happy to have captured.
This is a job half cooked! There are so many factors involved in getting to grips with these barbel that I would be kidding no-one, but myself, if I pretentended to have any answers. It is an ongoing project, Benno and I being very fortunate to have capture two very good specimens so early in our campaign? We have every intention of sticking with our plan until November, when pike fishing will, once again, take priority.
Benno, complete with chest waders, ensuring that my fish gets safely back into its watery home.

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  1. Brilliant Dylan, very chuffed for you. Looks a beauty.