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Tuesday 20 August 2013

Bent rods at Long Shaw

Benno, Gadget and I spent a very pleasant afternoon at Long Shaw Farm - scamping it up! Both Ben and Gadget managed to scrape a double; I couldn't catch a cold! My only visitor to the landing net being a rather spectacular-looking linear mirror of 7lbs! It was, however, just nice to be able to spend a while chatting and fishing without the pressure that we have created whilst pursuing the barbel of the R. Stour.
A lean linear mirror which put up a fine scrap on my Tring Tench Rod and a Matt Hayes "Limited Edition" Centre-pin
Long Shaw is a wonderful venue to learn the skills required to fish with a centre-pin - these wildie-type fish do their very best to test the angler, and his/her tackle, to the very limits. With chances coming regularly, the angler has every opportunity to develop the techniques required by these reels.
Finally - Phil Michalik! If you are reading this? The e-mail link you provided doesn't appear to be working. Would you please send your address again - it would be fantastic to catch up.

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