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Thursday, 22 August 2013

Barbel daze - again!

Benno and I had been looking at the weather forecasts, since Saturday, and come to the conclusion that, if they were correct, Wednesday would be favourite! Usually any planning based on the efforts of the BBC website is best left to the last minute yet, this time, they got it spot on! We would get down to the river for 18.30hrs and fish through till 23.00hrs; wanting to test a new baiting regime that might help us reduce the eel activity?

I will never give the details of where, or how, we are fishing - we work far too hard to want competition from idle tossers who just want to ponce off of others, To this end, all of our photos are taken with the most obscure back-drops; if anyone knows what swim we are in, then they know the R.Stour intimately and will already be aware of the fish in the vicinity. Tonight was to prove that we are heading in the right direction, we both took a fish. Benno's a rather modest specimen of 7lbs 14oz, mine a magnificent fish of 13lbs 14oz - so yet another new PB!

Two 13lbs+ barbel in five days! What is the river capable of producing? What are we fishing for?
This R. Stour project is turning into a crazy adventure - we simply have no idea as to the maximum size, or numbers, of the barbel that exist  within the shadowy depths. What I do know is that we are beginning to understand the fundamental requirements of the barbel in the R. Stour and, if we stick with it, one of us will see a fish of 15lbs+ before the pike season starts (How's that for confidence?)

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