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Sunday 4 February 2024

The Dick Walker Exhibition

I've recently received details of The Dick Walker Exhibition and have promised Simon, Dick's son, that I would post them on my blog. It will take place in The North Herts Museum, 14, Brand Street, Hitchin SG5 1JE. It will open on Tuesday 13th February and run until Sunday 7th April. 

If you have any interest in how freshwater angling has evolved since the end of WW2, then Dick Walker provided the inspiration for subsequent generations to understand big fish could be caught by design, not luck! The exhibition is to provide an insight into the life and mind-set of this angling giant. Please make the effort to visit if you are able.


  1. Dyl, Carp anglers today owe Dick Walker big time. The exhibition is one to go to.

    1. Ric, your sentiment is 100% correct but, sadly, most modern Carp anglers don't even know who Rod Hutchinson or Duncan Kay was, let alone the one, and only, Richard "Dick" Walker. They think that Danny Fairbrass invented the "spod" when you and I were using "doppelgangers" way back in the early 80's and they were old hat then!

  2. Thanks Dylan. Good to meet you the other day. I'm delighted you both enjoyed the display. I hope all's going well...


    Simon W