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Monday 5 February 2024

Back to reality

 Another early morning jaunt down to the RMC, absolutely no way lightning was going to strike twice. A couple of tweaks to my kit were made due to spending time going back through my diary entries for this season. Out of habit I have been using three rods but, it would appear, the middle one has been almost obsolete, even when leapfrogging along various sections. So I've decided to stick with two, for the present time, and see if my results suffer any obvious decline. My other change was to swap from centrepins over to fixed spools. This is purely an experiment to gauge any benefit that an open bale arm offers over the revolving drum, thus resistance created, to a Pike picking up my baits. This morning I used drop-off indicator arms, yet know that I'll be back to using monkeys on angled needles when I return. Whatever else changes, the Siren R3's will remain my audible alert for any Pike related activity. Only one bite this morning which resulted in yet another "double" for my tally. A really nicely conditioned fish, of 12 lbs 15 oz, provided quite a testing scrap before being coaxed into the landing net. 

A smart, adult male, Goosander provided me with a bonus year tick, number 93, so it was a pretty good session given the grey skies and blustery conditions. Some fairly unpleasant family stuff to deal with over the coming week, or so, thus I might just grab another session in the morning, despite the gale force winds, before events way beyond my control dictate otherwise? I'll probably make a decision in the morning, if I bother setting the alarm for 04.20 hrs.

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