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Wednesday 21 February 2024

The Black Dyke mini project

On Friday, 1st March, Bev and I have a consultation meeting with our surgeon and the cancer nurse to discuss the plans for Bev's treatment. It will provide us with a clearer idea of timescale and sequence of events during this medical procedure. I need to be there purely because, in her current state, Bev will have forgotten 90% of what was said before we leave the hospital. Plus I'm her husband and there to provide any support I'm able, and some? Still, because she's such an independent character, I've been told that I can still go fishing, whenever it is possible, without conflicting with this situation. What I've decided to do, under these circumstances, is to abandon the RMC quest and, instead, embark on the pursuit of a lesser target. As inspired by Brian, over on The Pike Blog, a "double" from a new water will provide focus during the next twenty-two days which will see me to the end of this particular Pike season.

October 2018 - probably the last time
I fished this particular section.

The reason that I've decided upon this course of action is fairly simple. One, Black Dyke is little more than twenty minutes away from the front door, thus I am reasonably close to home should I be needed and, two, if it's suffering the effects of heavy rainfall there are a couple of side drains which will remain fishable within a few minutes walk of where I plan to spend the remainder of the season. Over this past decade I've dabbled with this venue, catching a few small Pike for my efforts, yet nothing much over nine pounds. I have seen photos of a Pike, which was claimed as a "thirty" by a complete Muppet (who killed it to have it set-up?) This being the unknown factor which makes these drains so appealing to me. If one Pike managed to attain such a size, there's nothing to prevent another from doing the same? 

A small Pike taken from this lovely venue.
One twice this size would provide a superb finale to the 2023/24 season

I'd hope to be able to get in a couple of sessions a week before 14th March yet, knowing what's in the background, must accept that things might change dramatically as the days pass. 


  1. Best of luck Dylan with your project

    The black dyke was a water very close to my heart, and one I actually discovered through your blog when I first moved to the area. I had 3 fantastic seasons of 'close combat' lure fishing on it with fish up to mid double figures and it was always a thrill seeing fish take the lures in often gin clear water. I often thought it was more like a chalk stream than a marsh drain with its clear water and strong flows.

    Similar to the other flatlands drain, there aren't a huge number of doubles, and recaptures were common, but it was interesting to see which ones roamed around the length of the drain and which fish were always holed up in their particular spot, week to week and season to season.

    I doubt you need any advice as discovery is half the fun, but I'm happy to share regardless :)

    1. Hi Jonathan,
      Many thanks for the comment. The section I have in mind will allow me to explore about two thirds of a mile without much trouble from bankside vegetation and/or gates and fences. I have never caught a Pike from this area, yet have seen a couple of lure anglers catch "jacks" there, so am confident of some action if I work at it.
      Interestingly, your own experience with recaptures is very similar to mine, these fish seem quite nomadic and travel reasonable distances during the course of a winter. This might be due to food availability or the need to find suitable spawning habitat?
      I will continue to use my "tweaked" dead baiting tactics as they have served me so well over these past three seasons.
      All the best & tight lines - Dylan

  2. Just catching up with your entries, mate- I've started the wrong way round and have already read your latest, so I know you succeeded in a double- Well Done, again- PS- Did you see any early barn owls?

    1. I've not seen a Barn Owl out on the flatlands since before Christmas - the RMC is the most reliable place for them, whilst on my angling jaunts!