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Sunday 2 April 2023

Play time

My new Carp venue has provided more challenges than simply getting a bite. The swims have been built to last and the foundations, of the majority, are so solid that there is absolutely zero chance of getting a rod rest in the ground, let alone four - which is how many I require to fish two rods! My last visit resulted in me breaking a stainless steel rod rest and, as a result, resigned to the fact that I would need to purchase a rod-pod set-up before I returned. As I spiral rapidly downward towards total tackle tartdom, I called in to see Camo on Friday. Ten minutes and forty quid later, I left the shop with a Leeda "Rogue" pod and a silly grin on Camo's face. I spent much of Saturday playing around with my new toy and have made some alterations to the rod spacing on the buzz bars. Although designed to house three rods, my own requirement is only for two, thus I was able to grab a hacksaw and reduce the outer width of both the front and back cross bars. 

Although I'll never claim to be an engineer, the pod is now very much to my liking. I had it set up in the lounge and spent time playing around with the various configurations that the pod allows, much to Bev's displeasure! It was then down to the choice of attachments. My butt rests were simple rubber "U" types whilst I decided to dig out the "Dragon Carp" Ultimate Redmire bite alarms, in conjunction with equally cheap NGT bobbins. I purchased the alarms in 2013 when the Ramsgate branch of Dragon Carp shut down and they were available at the ridiculous price of three for £5! That they still function perfectly well means I get get huge enjoyment whenever I use them. 

With all this prep work done there was no way I could stay at home so, having secured permission from Bev, I headed off down to the local club fishery for a very short session in order to see how my new toy performed? To be fair the new pod is perfectly fine. My choice of butt rests was a major error, as the rods slid easily towards the alarms. I fixed it by using elastic bands on the rod handles but will change over to gripper type versions. The NGT bobbins are absolute crap and, again, will be changed for more superior models before I venture out again. The outcome of my, off the cuff, session was that I landed four Carp in less than three hours, the best weighing in at 13 lbs 4 oz thus ensuring my April target has been achieved. I would still like to catch a Carp from my new venue and will certainly give it my all over the next four weeks. However, with the pressure off, I might just have a dabble with the Eels before the end of the month?

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