Who am I?

An individual, of no great importance, who is unable to see the natural world as a place for competition. I catch fish, watch birds, derive immense pleasure from simply looking at butterflies, moths, bumble-bees, etc - without the need for rules! I am Dylan and this is my blog - if my opinions offend? Don't bother logging on again - simple!


Monday 1 August 2022

Old friends, pastures new.

 Bev and I have just got home from a superb couple of days spent in the company of Craig & Carrie-Anne at their lovely home in Wychbold, just outside of Droitwich, Worcestershire. It was a fairly spontaneous event, in as much as we didn't know we were going until last Thursday. As is always the case when we get together, there was much laughter and a fair few "light ales" which were topped off by the exploits of "The Lionesses" at Wembley on Sunday afternoon. Even Bev got excited and she hates football - not! We'd got together to finalize arrangements for our return to Kefalonia. The first time since the start of the pandemic and, boy, are we looking forward to this holiday?

Craig and I discussed turtles, terrapins, butterflies and birds, whilst the girls could only chat about sun-tans, swimming pools and shopping. Some things never change. With under two months to go, the excitement was evident as we discussed our expectations for this latest sojourn to our favourite place on earth. Not only have we booked apartments in a new resort, we're also flying out of Birmingham, so it will be an adventure whatever happens. Still, there's much to do before this holiday arrives and The Stour is calling. 

Craig and I had a wander around, on Sunday morning, taking a stroll over to The National Trust estate at Hanbury Hall. What a wonderful place to be able to visit, the countryside is absolutely stunning. We didn't see much, if the truth is told, but that is surely because we were so busy gum-beating rather than concentrating upon the wildlife potential of this magnificent estate. By the time we made it back to base, Craig & I had walked 9 km (bloody "Smart" watch!) and, just before we passed under the M5, on our homeward route, stumbled across a lovely Silver-washed Fritillary. My first UK sighting since 2020 when one flew around our garden! Like a fool, I hadn't taken my camera kit with me and the insect posed like a prima donna, thus allowing us to savour many of the finer points of the id features. 

Sadly, not the individual seen in Worcestershire, this is 
one from Corfu in June.

Before we got back to Wychbold, however, we made a slight detour to The Robin Hood PH where we took onboard much needed fluids. Well, only fools ignore such advice under these current heat wave conditions? Sat in the pub garden, a couple of Common Buzzards put on an aerial display, whilst a Willow Warbler called in the adjacent vegetation. It was a good to be alive sort of day. Cheers Craig - terrapins and turtles indeed!


  1. Eagerly waiting for blogs on Stour, (hopefully away from the Canterbury area fish,) they are hard to track down in the lower stour plus there are hordes of ravenous bream to contend with, the joys of the river are the surprises that occasionally show up, Mother nature wise as well as fish wise, plus you can go days without seing another angler! Good luck, and patience if your efforts Dyl!!

    1. Cheers Phil,
      The area I'm exploring is around the Westbere/Fordwich section and, as you say, I've not seen another angler there during the trips I undertook in June. Bream and Eels are the only visitors to the landing net, thus far, but I live in hope that a Barbel will put in an appearance at some point?
      Hoping all is well - tight lines - Dylan

    2. Or possibly a decent chub from that section, it is a wild river you can be occasionally surprised what shows, I have been! Enjoy your exploits Dyl, it is frustrating at times but that special session you will never forget!