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Sunday, 14 August 2022

Getting back on track

 On Saturday afternoon, whilst Steven Gerrard was ensuring that Frank Lampard's weekend was ruined, Benno and I had a wander along the banks of The Stour at Fordwich. Despite the fact that the river was dominated by the antics of those using canoes, paddle boards, kayaks and motor boats, we were still able to explore a section where we feel we might be in with a chance of a Barbel? Watch this space!

The moth trap continues to dominate my natural history experiences, although raptor passage is definitely starting to pick up and Willow Warblers now provide daily sightings in, and around, the garden. Under the current conditions it is obvious why the provision of water is such an attraction for these, long distance, migrants.

Another double figure haul of Jersey Tigers, thirteen, just put the icing on the cake of another great night for the garden MV trap.  A few photos cos I can't be arsed to get into any more, moth related, nonsense with "f*ckwits" who have lower IQs than the insects they stick pins in!

Yellow Shell

Southern Bell - Crocidosema plebejana

Scarce Bordered Straw

Saltmarsh Knot-horn - Ancylosis obitella

Blogging - it's just a way to share experiences with an unknown audience, not a reason to start a war! 

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