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Tuesday 16 August 2022

Cherry on the cake

I've been very fortunate to have lured many scarce, and even some quite rare, moths to the various garden traps I've run over the years. However, the "A" list Hawk-moths have avoided my efforts. I've been shown Striped, Spurge and Bedstraw Hawk-moths which have turned up in garden traps on Thanet, yet never have I clapped eyes upon a Death's Head Hawk anywhere. Still, it's not about bemoaning the fact that, somehow, it's not fair. Enjoy what you achieve and keep the faith. The Jersey Tiger situation is getting ridiculous, I had twenty-one on Sunday night yet, it is the Convolvulus Hawk-moth which turned up today which steals the show for me. I caught my first UK specimen in our garden in October 2001, having previously taken quite a few in Brittany whilst on family holidays. This moth is the one which completes the set, for me, having now recorded all nine Hawk-moth species, on our garden list, for the first time in a single year.

Plenty of micros to puzzle over but, they don't come close to the buzz I felt when seeing this huge insect as I switched off the trap at dawn. 

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