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Thursday 28 April 2022

Big up for Nash Tackle

I'll start by making it very clear that I've no ties with the Nash brand. The last time Kevin and I spoke was at a NASA Conference when he was still trading as "The Happy Hooker"! That's a lot of years back and Reading University seems to fit the bill? Towards the end of the RMC Pike campaign I experienced a major problem with my Siren R3 receiver unit. It ceased to give an audible alert, although the lights still indicated that the unit was connected to the alarms. I did all the usual crap, changing batteries, switching everything off and reconnecting the whole ensemble - nothing changed, the receiver had lost all audible functions, even the burglar alarm feature! Fortunately the alarms, themselves, continued to function perfectly and this fault had no major impact upon my angling. 

Knowing that I would have to start my quest for a repair at Camo's Carp Cabin, Ramsgate, purely because that's where I purchased said item, thus my contract was with Camo - not Nash? However, there was a major issue due to the fact that Camo had suffered a massive heart attack and wasn't running the shop. Luckily, Dave Haworth, had stepped in to keep the business running and it was his efforts which resulted in an incredible outcome. The receiver unit was out of warranty, as are the alarms, so I was expecting to incur some expenditure to repair the faulty item? Not a bit of it! Nash replaced the unit, with a brand new one, free of charge and I have to say, what a brilliant piece of PR. I emailed the Product Support Dept, thanking them, and received a nice reply from a guy, Kurt Pottle, saying he was pleased that it had been a successful outcome. 

I've heard some nightmare tales about Nash Tackle but, have to speak as I find, can say nothing negative about the situation I experienced. In the grand scheme of things it is a very insignificant event yet, for me, speaks volumes about the company who's founder started out making "carp sacks" from industrial nylon fabric!

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