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Thursday 7 April 2022

Farewell gift?

 Well that's my Heronsview membership done and dusted. I don't think I'll be casting a line in these super little fisheries again, although never say never! I had a great chat with Reg, the syndicate bailiff, and know that I'm leaving on good terms. Maybe, somewhere down the line, should my fitness start to fail, then this wonderful, local, venue might just be the answer? In the meantime there are plenty of projects which need my attention. 

Swim No. 3 - Church Lake
Looks are terribly deceiving! Yes it was sunny but the wind was gusting to 50 mph
thus accurate casting, at any distance, was rather testing - to say the least.

Today was all about the last cast and what would you know? I only went and caught a Carp! A lovely Common, weighing in at a very respectable 17 lbs 12 oz, was a brilliant way to end this particular part of my angling adventure. I closed the gate, for the final time, very happy with how it had finished.

A nice way to end my Heronsview membership.

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