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Sunday 1 May 2022

As good as a rest

I've not picked up a rod in more than three weeks and can honestly say that it's not been a problem. Because there are so many other interests, in my life, boredom isn't ever an issue. Garden moths and the nocturnal visitors to our feeding stations continue to provide some excellent opportunities to enjoy the natural world without leaving the comfort of our personal space. A rather weird development, and it can be traced back to start of the pandemic, is my involvement in maintaining our garden. All of a sudden it's so much more than mowing the lawn. Hanging baskets, patio planters and seed trays in the conservatory all play a part in my daily routine - probably just as well I've retired?

My "self-found" year listing efforts continue at a very low key, although I have to admit to gleaning enthusiasm from the writings of several fellow "bloggers". Both Pegwell Bay and Stodmarsh/Grove Ferry NNR's have provided some superb birding, of late. My list now standing at a rather modest 134 species, yet there are so many glaring omissions which I should be able to find with a little effort. Yesterday I went in search of a "Thanet" Nightingale and, after a lot of leg work, managed to discover three singing males but will provide no further details! Today was all about the Grove Ferry/Stodmarsh NNR experience. I ended the morning with six additions to my tally plus a nice chat with, master photographer, Steve Ashton. 

Once the May Day Bank Holiday is out of the way I'm hoping to cast a line again. There's a few ideas spinning around in my head, but the next project won't get started until the new river season begins.

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