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Monday 28 February 2022

February "scores on the doors"

At the end of January I had predicted that I might reach two of my targets by mid-February, and so it proved. What a crazy month both in terms of my Pike fishing and, of course, the mayhem created by those three major storms. I only managed ten sessions on the RMC during the month, hampered further by a few issues with my van. With just two weeks, of the Pike season, remaining I am completely in the hands of the mechanics at Dumpton Nissan and the guys in Broadstairs, to get me back on the road asap. Whatever happens? One thing's for sure - it won't be cheap!!! My totals at the end of February are as follow:-

Target No.1 - three "twenties" - five landed (thus three this month - absolutely insane)

Target No.2 - twenty "doubles" - twenty-one landed (five in February)

Target No.3 - One hundred Pike - forty-four landed (fourteen in February)

Even if the mechanical problems drag on, there is no way I will take anything but great memories from this particular campaign. It has surpassed all my expectations by a considerable margin. If I am able to get back down to the canal then, if possible, I'd love to land one more "double" to take me to twenty from the RMC. My first two came from the East Kent flatlands and it would seem a fitting end to the project if I could now make it twenty from this historic waterway.

As a quick aside, my self-found (bird) year list now stands at 104 species.

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