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Tuesday 8 February 2022

Red Letter - adrenaline rush

 Every so often, in my angling adventure, something happens which is so special that any attempt, by me, to capture the moment in written format is a complete waste of time. I simply lack the vocabulary of a gifted wordsmith and am happy to acknowledge this fundamental flaw. Oh, but how I wish that it were different and the adrenaline buzz that is currently in control of my demeanour could be better shared. Just back home from the latest session on the RMC and my third "twenty" of the campaign is in the bag. Target No.1 achieved and something I've not managed since the Pike season of 1986/7. 

12 lbs 2 oz - caught before it got light!

One of the trophy shots that Kevin took in the crap light conditions - fair play!

Two Pike landed, for the second day on the spin, ensures my project maintains momentum as the days tick down toward the 14th March and the finishing line for this Pike season. Both Chrissy and Kevin were about, this morning. Kevin being kind enough to do some trophy shots. However, because the light levels weren't particularly good, I kept the bigger fish in the retainer and took some selfies later when the conditions had improved somewhat.

20 lbs 6 oz of, adrenaline inducing, RMC Pike
Two selfies taken much later in the morning.

There's so much more to tell about this particular session but, I'm keeping it for the end of campaign review, you'll have to wait. One thing that is certainly worth mentioning is both fish were caught using centrepins and angling enjoyment doesn't come much better than that?


  1. we done Dylan. can't put a foot wrong at the moment. keep them coming.


    1. Cheers Nick,
      I've certainly got nothing to complain about with Pike fishing like this!
      Take care & tight lines - Dylan

  2. Great result Dyl. Twenty pounds! To quote the late Bill Keal -that's three-and-a-half feet of fighting fury, with a mouth big enough to put your arm in and teeth as long and a dozen times sharper than a dog's chewing equipment. Great sport this pike fishing!

    1. Ric,
      I caught my first "twenty" over forty years ago yet have never ceased to get excited whenever one graces my landing net. Just as a two pound Roach has managed to retain its' status as a specimen since way before you and I embarked upon the Tring adventure, so a wild Pike of twenty pounds remains as special as it has always been to my way of thinking.
      All the best - Dyl