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Wednesday, 16 February 2022

If you don't try!

 As with anything in life, you'll never know without making an effort to find out. This basic hypothesis being applicable to any scenario from the sublime to the ridiculous. In my case it definitely seems to trend towards the ridiculous. I hadn't finished writing the previous post before thinking about the split cane Pike caper. Split cane and centrepins? Why not? I've already achieved my target and am now free to play around with whatever approach I wish to attempt. 

So on Tuesday morning I sallied forth with my crazy combination of Dick Walker Mk IV's and Matt Hayes "Limited Edition" centrepins. A total blank. The weather took a decided spiral downwards as the morning progressed and I needed little persuading to throw in the towel before 11.00 hrs. Under no circumstances could this be considered a fair trial, yet I was already questioning the centrepin option based upon the complete lack of backbone possessed by the ancient rods. I return again tomorrow, this time with Mitchell 300's fitted to the cork handles. The forecast is pretty good, with a lull in wind speed between the departing Storm Dudley and the imminent arrival of Storm Eunice, on Friday. Quite what condition the canal is in will be unknown until I arrive. Water clarity could be impacted, very negatively, by rainwater run off from the adjacent escarpment and farmland.

Whatever happens, I've got to be in with a better shout of a bite with my baits in the water than if I was sat at home, in the study, looking out the window. I can't finish this post without mentioning the Canterbury & Thanet PAC regional meeting which I attended on Tuesday evening. Just six of us gathered, in the King Ethelbert PH, Reculver, to spend a fantastic two and a half hours sharing anecdotes and banter. It would appear that I'm not doing so bad with my own angling and received very positive feedback about my thought processes as I look toward these final four weeks of Pike fishing. There were some (Pike related) formalities which needed to be discussed, sadly our combined view being a very negative one. I'll leave it there, as it was such a great night, it seems a shame to spoil it. Maybe the subject of another post -  how can we encourage kids into (Pike) fishing?


  1. The King Ethlebert is a great pub. Every time we go to Reculver, which tends to be in good weather, we always sit outside with a lunch and a nice pint of ale.

    1. A very nice pub indeed, it seems to offer something for everyone. Obviously our Pike meeting only happen during the Autumn/Winter months, yet the staff always make us welcome and reserve a couple of tables for the gang to gather around. Top marks all round!