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Sunday, 28 November 2021

Woe is me

Since my last post, it's been a struggle to get any enthusiasm for writing about my angling experiences. Even though our "social" went ahead, on Saturday, the effects of Storm Arwen certainly ensured we had to be content with a single Pike, which fell to Benno's rods, as our reward for the massive effort involved in getting to the venue. As Benno and I drove over Ditchling Beacon, early doors, snow was laying on the road which is incredible for Kent in November. Sye did have an occurrence on a Dyson-rig presentation, but it came to nothing and that about sums up our session. It was the first time that all three of us had fished together since Kilchurn Bay, April 2018, so it was always going to be a good laugh as we reminisced about past sessions and successes. We also had chance to bounce ideas off each other; Sye being one of the best "thinking anglers" I've ever been lucky enough to encounter. 

So now back to the RMC sessions of the previous week. Hard going would be an understatement. Man, I really struggled to locate the Pike in the section of the canal I'd targeted. Thursday morning was to provide the real kick in the guts when I lost a "big ?" Pike after a decent battle. I was using a big bait (6-8 oz) and a heavy (4 oz) lead. The lead choice being a direct result of watching some brilliant Youtube footage posted by Steve Pitts. Talking through my methodology we all agreed that a couple of tweaks might be useful in assisting my efforts moving forward. I remain convinced that the lost fish was a direct result of using an excessively heavy lead. My set up being incapable of setting the hooks whilst attempting to do so via a plugged lead?  I am sure that my hooks are as sharp as it possible to present, thus, fully confident that once set, they'll not let me down. 

This is where it all goes "tits up" as I'm not about to share whatever methodology that will now be used, purely because my angling is not about anything other than my enjoyment. The last thing I want to do is encourage inexperienced Pike anglers to attempt to try something which might be an absolute disaster in reality. As an "old'n" I'd like to think that I've the experience to deal with whatever deep hooked situation I might encounter. Carp faggot/converts won't have the first idea of how to deal with deep hooked pike, so whatever I'm attempting, they'll not have learned anything from my blogging? 

Reading back over that last section, what do I think I'm doing? My current presentation is not designed to deliberately "deep hook" any Pike which pick up my baits. However, if an inexperienced angler, without the bite indication technology I have at my disposal, were to attempt to copy my methods then dead fish would almost certainly be a direct result! If you want to catch Pike then join the PAC - end of!

Whilst the banter was being exchanged, on the banks of this very ordinary reservoir, a guy turned up to investigate where the aroma of "bacon sandwiches" was coming from? It turned out that he was a local "carp faggot" who blamed "Carl & Alex" for his inability to catch the fish which they'd publicised in their "Reservoir Diaries 3"  What the f*ck? It's a piss hole in the snow by comparison to the Scottish Lochs and/or the "barrages" of mainland Europe. I did what was needed to placate this moron and he returned to his own swim without me needing to engage in meaningful conversation - dumb C*NT!!! I am a subscriber to the Carl & Alex Youtube channel and have nothing but admiration for what they're attempting to do. Doesn't mean that I agree with keeping Koi as pets or want to start collecting mushrooms, but am fully supportive of their efforts to promote angling beyond that of the established boundaries.

So back to what's happening today! I'm down to the RMC in the morning with a score to settle? I know exactly where I need to place a bait and have decided to add a bit of spice to the challenge by incorporating a 1959 B James & Son "Dick Walker" Mk IV split cane into the equation. I've only taken one double Pike using these rods, I'd like a "twenty". Is it possible? Only by casting a bait will I ever discover the answer to that question. Split cane and Mitchell 300's - does it get any better? 


  1. Yes Dyl. Split cane and the Cardinal 66's 😉

    1. You're probably right Ric, however, the Mitchell design is far more in keeping with the rods than my 1975 ABU Cardinal 66X's. All the same, I have no problem with using that combination should it suit my purpose? Hoping all is well with you and Bronwyn - Dyl