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Sunday, 14 November 2021

This is getting silly

 Having written in my previous post that new species, for me, were very unlikely to occur in the garden. I only had two macros in the trap, this morning, and what do you know. Yep! Another "lifer" in the form of a Radford's Flame Shoulder. I'd mis-id'd the other individual as "The Sprawler" but, fortunately spotted my error before posting the news. Once again I am indebted to Ian Roberts (Folkestone Birds) for sorting out the issue with a speedy email exchange. The moth is actually a Blair's Shoulder-knot, a species that I should have been able to id. 

Radford's Flame Shoulder

Micros have been rather restricted with just a couple of Diamond Backs and a smart little Monopis obviella (Yellow-backed Clothes Moth) The forecast remains mild, yet the wind direction is shifting to a more North & Easterly pattern, thus I would expect my little purple patch to come to an abrupt end? However, just to see if lightning might strike twice. I'll never catch a "thirty" from the Royal Military Canal and I'm back down there in the morning!

Yellow-backed Clothes Moth

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