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Saturday 9 January 2021

What next?

 Having been on early shifts since the announcement of this latest lockdown, today was the first day that the full impact, of the restrictions, registered on my routine. Benno and I have been in conversation about wetting a line, on Sunday, but it is now the start of a new BWKm0 project, with the added Newlands Farm patch listing thrown in for good measure. With no preconceived targets, the whole caper will be one of enjoyment and rediscovery as I am, once again, forced to make the most of what is available on the doorstep. It's been quite a while since I spent any prolonged time over on the farm and much has changed since angling returned to my life. With a week of late shifts starting on Monday, I'll have plenty of opportunity to take a stroll around the field perimeters, so spent the majority of my spare time today watching the garden feeding station. 

It was a rather weird experience as the second most numerous visitor, after House Sparrow (70+), were Goldfinches! A maximum count of twenty-one was a very pleasant surprise and I wondered if they might be accompanied by something a little more scarce? At 11.35 hrs my answer came in the form of a female Greenfinch - get in! The first garden record since May 2020. Oh how times have changed the fortunes of this, once common, visitor to our feeders.

1 - Herring Gull

2 - Collared Dove

3 - House Sparrow

4 - Carrion Crow

5 - Wood Pigeon

6 - Goldfinch

7 - Blue Tit

8 - Robin

9 - Wren

10 - Sparrow Hawk

11 - Jackdaw

12 - Magpie

13 - Dunnock

14 - Greenfinch

15 - Jay

16 - Blackbird

17 - Rose-ringed Parakeet

Well that's my lot for the first BWKm0 garden watch. Recognising this will be a marathon, not a sprint, I'll settle for that Greenfinch all day long.


  1. Well Dyl, the BMKM0 garden watch starts again. Needless to say I'm hoping the Firecrest I had for two days 22&23 December will make a reappearance. If my patch is just part of it's local winter territory, there's always a chance.
    As well as that. I've currently a pair of Red Kites calling and doing circuits around my house which is adjacent to a small wood. The local crows which usually give the odd passing Kite some grief have been noticeable by their absence. Breeding? Now that would be something.
    There's already Tawny Owls in there (calling this morning they were). And thanks to the small stream which runs nearby, I can hear Kingfishers and Moorhens as well. If I have my front windows open a bit, I can hear all of them without even going out.
    Under the current conditions, that's just as well.

    1. Ric,
      The BWKm0 concept served us well during the first lockdown and demonstrated the massive diversity of species which can be seen from the most unlikely of places. Although I am able to go pike fishing locally, my venue of choice would be the Royal Military Canal which is too far from home to be (legally) visited until these restrictions are lifted. My desire for twenty doubles is now just another casualty of this sad state of affairs. Good luck with your own efforts, I added Song Thrush this evening to take my total to 18! Take care - Dyl