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Saturday 2 January 2021

First pike session of the year

 Benno and I arranged to meet up at silly o'clock, this morning, for the first pike session of the new year. I am hugely indebted to Brian Harper who had provided some, much needed, information on the state of play regarding conditions and water levels along the Royal Military Canal. Bev and I had taken a drive down there, on 27th December, only to be confronted by a scene of utter, unfishable, carnage. 

The view from Gigger's Green bridge on 27th December - fast flowing Oxtail soup!

We had all four baits in the water before 07.15 hrs. At 08.10 hrs, one of Benno's alarms registered a bite and a brief, yet spirited, tussle ensued before a pike of around 6 lbs was in the net. Two more pike were taken, one each, over the following hour, or so. Benno's went 10 lbs 6 oz, mine 9 lbs 15 oz and that was that. We fished on until 11.00 hrs when we called it a day. A nice way to get the new year off the blocks as neither of us blanked. Although the raging current has subsided, there is still a fair bit of colour in the water.

 Depending on the situation at work, I'm hoping to get back down to the RMC very shortly as the weather forecast and improving water conditions are looking bang on.

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