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Saturday 23 January 2021

Job's a good'n

 This is probably the saddest post I've ever made?  Worry ye not, no-one's died or anything similar. Oh  no, this is about repairing our garden gate. I feel like one of those morons who post pictures of their breakfast on Twitter and/or Facebook. What I will say is that it's a good job I don't earn my living undertaking such tasks, we'd be living in a tent! Five hours I spent, obviously  having no idea what would be required until I got started, but rather enjoyed myself making it up as I went along. To be perfectly honest I'm rather pleased with how it turned out. Basically I repaired the original gate but used the fixtures and fittings, plus some odd bits of timber, from the gate that Gavin had given me on Thursday to complete the repair.

Being outdoors provided opportunity to add more sightings to the BWKm0 garden list and I was not to be disappointed. Three more species were spotted whilst I was fannying about pretending to be a chippie!

No. 27 - Grey Heron

No. 28 - Kestrel

No. 29 - Skylark

The feeding station was incredibly busy with 100+ House Sparrows being the peak count. Green Finches were present (heard not seen) and I counted a maximum of seventeen Goldfinches, perched up in a neighbouring garden, before they dropped down into the Budlehia above the feeders. A couple of Rose-ringed Parakeets joined a small group of Collared Doves but, Blue Tits apart, very little else was attracted to the sunflower hearts. Weather is all over the place, sleet and snow forecast for tomorrow, so I might be having a stroll around Newlands Farm to see what I can find? Certainly not enthused to get back out with the rods, that's for sure.


  1. Nice job, Dyl. 😊
    After all your hard work I feel kind of bad saying this, but those diagonal braces are supposed to be positioned so that the bottom of each is on the hinged side. Their purpose is to stop the non-hinged side from dropping over time. Hopefully on a narrow gate like that you'll get away with it though...
    Sorry, felt compelled to mention it. 😕
    Feel free to delete this comment of course. 👍

    1. Oh silly me? Cheers Gav, I'll take your advice on board next time I'm rebuilding a gate! Toodle-pip!

  2. Mine needs doing once I have a left hand back. I'll take Gavin's advice on board.....

    1. BB,
      Best you do! The utter shame of having made such a school-boy error is hard to live with. Hope your injury heals soon and that gate (plus the rods) provide some therapeutic physio to speed full recovery? All the best - Dylan