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Thursday 5 November 2020

Garden birding again

 Day one of lockdown Mk II and I'd already decided that the lawn would be getting its' last cut of the year, before leaving for work. on late shift, at 13.30 hrs. I awoke to discover a heavy frost, for Thanet that is, and had to wait until 11.30 hrs before it was realistic to push the mower around the garden. So what to do whilst awaiting the grass to thaw and dry? A bit of birding seemed to fit the bill and I rather surprised myself with the variety of species that were recorded. Yesterday I posted that I wasn't all that bothered about another BWKm0 effort but have to concede, that after this morning, I've somewhat changed my mind. I really enjoyed myself and, after all, what else matters? No competition, no rules, no boundaries beyond the December 2nd finish date, it's got to be worth a bash?

One of four seen this morning - how time has changed the status of these 
magnificent raptors.

Twenty eight species recorded this morning; the undoubted highlight being a male Blackcap. Plenty of other back-up sightings kept me on my toes and the bins constantly in use. I got so engrossed by the challenge that I dug out the trusty Kowa TSN 823 and used the higher magnification to scan the skies and distant tree lines. Great stuff! I have absolutely no idea what total might be achieved, November ain't a month to set the pulse racing around Newlands Farm. I've absolutely no idea how work and weather will impact on my ability to spend time out in the garden so I must treat the scenario as a very casual dalliance rather than a full-on project. Fifty species? Let's see 

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