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Friday 6 November 2020

BWKm0 Mk II - Day two

 Another morning spent birding from the garden, pre work, was testament to the power of obsession. I'd already written that I wasn't too bothered about birding! What an idiotic statement - it took less than a couple of hours, yesterday, to know that I'd be getting back into BWKm0 mode for the second time this year. What follows is about as exciting as a telephone directory but, fortunately, will not require duplication in future posts.  MY LIST (in the order they were recorded!)

1 - House Sparrow

2 - Carrion Crow

3 - Herring Gull

4 - Great Tit

5 - Blue Tit

6 - Robin

7 - Collared Dove

8 - Goldfinch

9 - Sky Lark - up to six birds over the stubble beyond the garden hedge

10 - Magpie

11 - Jackdaw

12 - Rose-ringed Parakeet

13 - Blackbird - a continental male went East this morning

14 - Starling - a decent movement westwards noted yesterday morning 250+ 

15 - Sparrowhawk

16 - Black-headed Gull

17 - Wood Pigeon

18 - Blackcap - male

19 - Dunnock

20 - Linnet - over calling

21 - Mistle Thrush

22 - Jay

23 - Rook - one north

24 - Wren

25 - Green Woodpecker - calling over at the farm compound

26 - Common Buzzard

27 - Chaffinch - seven north

28 - Fieldfare - four west

Four more species added today!

29 - Lesser Black-backed Gull - three adults north

30 - Cormorant - one north

31 - Kestrel

32 - Pied (alba) Wagtail - over

So there you have it, thus far! November isn't a particularly favourable month around Newlands Farm yet, because I've nothing better to do, feel sure something unusual will turn up. I'll finish with a photo and hope that I retain the enthusiasm as this second lockdown period progresses?


  1. It's hardly a Lockdown this time round. As far as I can see, most people, except the poor shops that have had to close, are going about life as they normally do in the countryside. Birdwatchers, WEBS counters, fishermen, wildfowlers are all out and about as usual and rightly so. What does BWKmO stand for?

    1. Hi Derek,
      The BWKm0 is the brainchild of an Italian birder. It stands for Bird Watching at zero Kilometres and was instrumental in a huge upsurge in garden birding right across Europe during the first wave of the pandemic. Steve Gale did a brilliant job of co-ordinating one such effort back at the start of the first lockdown and very rewarding it was to be part of. This time round it's just a bit of solo fun.