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Friday, 13 November 2020

Covid reality - it's wicked

 At 09.00 hrs this morning Bev, her daughter Debbie, and I were in the Chapel at Margate Crematorium to say our farewell to Denise Bunclark, Bev's mum. It was the most surreal experience of my entire life! Just the three of us, plus a member of the funeral directors team and the coffin. No religion, no service, no extended family - what a way to depart this earth. Covid has robbed us of many things, but the chance to say good-bye to a loved one is the savage reality of the situation. All of Bev's family are under tier three  restrictions in Yorkshire and beyond, so unable to attend the service, even if our local rules allowed them to be there. So sad and something I never wish to experience again. Bev can take comfort from the fact that her mum died in her own bed, in our bungalow, and not alone, frightened, in a sterile hospital ward without family close by. I was going to post some other stuff about pike and shit - maybe tomorrow?

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