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Wednesday 30 September 2020

Gonna get wet

 At 13.40 hrs, today, I left work to begin my October holiday. I'm not back until early shift on Monday 12th, so am looking forward to my mini pike hunt. I don't mean I want to catch a small pike, I'll do that without needing a project, no; what I'm hoping is to fish every week day morning in the hope of getting the pike season off to a decent start with a double or two! Early tomorrow morning I'm off down to the syndicate fishery, where I'd like to think I might be in with a shout of my first ever Thanet double. The venue has turned up pike to over 26 lbs in the dim and distant past. Is it still capable of producing such specimens? I'll only find out if I give it a bash. The other venue I'm hoping to visit is the Royal Military Canal. Over the years this wonderful fishery has provided me, and Benno, Luke, et al, with some fabulous pike fishing. Plenty of doubles and even a few twenties, between us, just to keep us going back for more. 

If I'm honest, early season doesn't really do it for me but, as the Covid-19 chaos continues to impact on us all, I'll happily grab whatever chances come my way to cast a bait. Needing to be on the end of a phone, for Bev, should anything happen with her mum's condition; I plan to stay relatively local. Sessions will be dawn until 10.30 hrs-ish and I will certainly be back home by mid-day even if I'm smashing it! There is a slight spanner in the works, as the weather is set to be wet and windy for the entire period I'm off. Still it is a double edged sword. Yep, I'll get wet but, on the other hand, the only other anglers I encounter along the RMC will be of a similar mind-set and, therefore serious about their fishing, not licence dodging chavs.

I've every intention of taking all the camera kit just in case a decent bird appears, but will happily point the long lens at anything which adds interest to my time on the bank. Whatever the outcome, just having a bit of time off work without restrictions will be a nice break from the routine which has dominated much of 2020, thus far. With a bit of good fortune, there should be plenty of stuff to blog about as the adventure unfolds?

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  1. Good luck with the venture Dyl. Yes, Pike. Reminds me that I'll have to retrieve some gear from my older brother Phil, who's just started fishing again after forty years. God help us! If you thought I was jammy at catching! He's only ever caught two Pike in his life. The first was about three inches long which grabbed a maggot on the retrieve. The other was a twenty which grabbed (and didn't let go of) a Chub he'd hooked on the Royalty fishery.

    A business associate of his called Pete Drennan said he'd sort him some gear out if he was interested in fishing again, but in the meantime I lent him some of my stuff.
    He didn't use much of it, since soon after, PD gave him a mountain of stuff (£1000 worth at a rough count) so away he went. Wondering how to tie on a hook.

    Second time on a lake he'd Tench to 6lb's, second go on a local river he caught nine Barbel.
    He needs dealing with!